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Yacht Rope Running Rigging

Marlow D2 Dyneema yacht ropes, Excel Pro and Racing dinghy ropes

Core Dyneema

Full splicing sevice

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8mm Marlow 3 strand Polyester Rope 100m reel only £63.00

The classic 3 strand line, Marlow's 3 Strand Polyester is manufactured using the highest quality materials to produce a rope of the highest quality with the perfect flexibility and firmness. Unlike Nylon, Polyester wont degrade in UV and remains supple and strong even when wet.
£99.00 £63.00

8mm Marlow D2 Racing 78 Dyneema Yacht Rope Full Reel 100m only £475

Marlow 8mm D2 Racing 78 Dyneema Yacht Rope 100m only £475.00 200m only £940.00
£825.00 £475.00

8mm Marlow Doublebraid Marble Yacht Rope

Marlow 8mm Doublebraid yacht rope is a very high quality Polyester yacht rope. Marlow heat set Doublebraid offers industry leading strength and stretch performance for a Polyester braid-on-braid
£2.50 £1.60

8mm Marlow Doublebraid Yacht Rope full reels 100m only £125

100m only £125 200m only £240 Marlow 8mm Doublebraid yacht rope
£175.00 £125.00

Marlow 3mm shockcord

Marlow 3mm elastic shockcord
£0.94 £0.70

Marlow 4mm shockcord

Marlow 4mm elastic shockcord
£1.00 £0.75

Marlow 5mm shockcord

Marlow 5mm elastic shockcord
£1.18 £0.90

Marlow 6mm shockcord

Marlow 6mm elastic shockcord
£1.39 £1.05

Marlow 8mm shockcord

Marlow 8mm elastic shockcord
£2.54 £1.90