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Selden GX Top Down Furling Accessories

Selden GX Top Down Asymmetric Furling system stantion guides, furling lines, double cam blocks

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Continuous Furling line for GX7.5 / GX10 furler

Continuous furling line 8mm diameter suitable for GX 7.5 and GX10 Furler. Spliced into a continuous loop.
£71.74 £64.02

Furling line for GX25 furler 2 x 12m

Continuous furling line 12mm diameter suitable for GX25 Furler. Spliced into a continuous loop.
£146.85 £130.70

Selden Double tandem fiddle double cam

Selden tandem fiddle double cam block is designed for a continous furling line.
£152.42 £137.19

Selden double fairlead

Selden double fairlead is stantion mounted and guides a continuous furling line to the cockpit. 1 or 2 can be used to tidy the line and due the design rope can be easily removed for stowing sail and furling system. Suitable for Selden GX 7.5 / 10 / 15 and 25 furling systems.
£93.20 £83.88

GX Top Down Furler Adjustable Tack Swivel

Selden Adjustable tack swivel for GX top down furler enables the tack height to be easily adjusted and so the luff tension can be adjusted at will.
£291.91 £262.72